Delivery Policy – CR Sheds

Delivery Policy

CR Sheds Delivery Policy: 

  • Once all fees for storage shed, delivery fees, and taxes are paid CR Sheds will schedule delivery. 
  • Our policy states that once the $150 security deposit, first months rent of the storage shed of customers choice, and any pending delivery fees are paid then and only then CR Sheds can schedule the customer for delivery. 
  • ALL deliveries are scheduled around the weather. TDOT regulations forbids us to deliver any building, more than 8 feet wide, in the rain. 
  • For any pre-built shed, not custom ordered, CR Sheds will do their best to deliver within a weeks time, weather abiding. This includes RTO sheds as well as straight buys. 
  • All deliveries through CR Sheds includes blocks, set-up, and delivery for each customer. 
  • Free delivery within 30 miles of our lot.
  • Any delivery outside of 30 miles will be charged an additional $3.50 per mile from CR Sheds home lot. The customer is responsible for paying these fees in order to receive the storage building